Abortion challenged in its most prevalent state: NY



The state of New York is looking to expand access to abortion, but pro-life advocates argue that there are no steps to make abortion safe.

Figures from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) show that New York has abortions at 60 percent of its birth rate – making the lethal procedure in the Empire State the highest in the country. However, it is unlikely that this dismal statistic will not improve anytime soon.

New York State Right to Life Chairman Barbara Meara told OneNewsNow that abortion supporters are working with lawmakers to make abortion more available:

“They are focusing on New York, and the bill that they are promoting would not only expand abortion up and throughout the nine months, but it would permit non-doctors, other health professionals, nurses and even pharmacists. We don’t know. It doesn’t specify in the legislation.”

Meara has examined CDC figures for the state, and the unhealthy situation for women who do seek abortions.

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