United Methodist Church Calls for 75-Week ‘Focused Prayer’ on Homosexuality Debate



The United Methodist Church is calling for a 75-week period of “focused prayer” in light of its ongoing internal debate over whether to change its official stance against homosexuality.

Earlier this month, UMC leadership announced their call for prayer among the regional bodies of the Mainline denomination starting on New Year’s Day 2017.

Known as the “Praying Our Way Forward” initiative, the process will involve each annual conference adopting one of the 75 weeks as a time to pray for the future of the denomination.

“The second phase of the ‘Praying Our Way Forward’ initiative will be launched New Year’s Day with 75 weeks of focused prayer for The United Methodist Church,” according to a statement from the UMC earlier this month.

“During phase 1 of the new initiative, 84 bishops of the church spent 15 minutes each day for four months in prayer for the selection and initial work of the Commission on A Way Forward.”

Over the past several years, the UMC has experienced much internal debate over the Church’s position on LGBT issues.

The UMC’s Book of Discipline states that homosexuality is a sin, that marriage is only between one man and one woman, and that clergy are prohibited from being involved in same-sex relationships.

At the UMC General Conference meeting back in May, delegates voted in favor of a recommendation to create a commission that would analyze the position of the Church.

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