Love, Sex, and Marriage Go Together and Must Be Taught in Our Schools


wrong or right ethical question

Are moral issues still relevant for education?

Our teenagers (and younger) are being pounded with a life ethic totally at odds with Judeo-Christian morality. The Ten Commandments are being eroded. In fact, they cannot even be displayed in schools without disclaimers about the secular or educational purpose of the display, whereas lengthy passages from the Qu’ran, the Bhagvad Gita, Hammurabi’s Code, and the Zend Avesta can be posted with impunity on school bulletin boards. The traditional family is increasingly perceived as merely an obstacle to the self-determinism of the LGBTQ community. Private enterprise and free markets are increasingly portrayed as neither private nor free, but as networks of exploitation based on sexism and racism as white, heterosexual, chauvinistic males seek to justify their power over the exploited majority that is outside their powerful cabal. Cultural Marxism is no longer a hypothetical advanced in college classrooms, but a reality fighting for control over our minds and institutions. These developments define the context in which sex is taught in too many of our educational institutions.

In a high school where this writer taught, many classes ran the gamut from unruly to almost riotous. Hundreds of “at risk” students wanted to do almost anything except learn. Curses often filled the air. Desks would be overturned in impulsive expressions of rage. And, yes, blood would be spilled during classes as verbal quarrels broke into physical conflict. Yet, sometimes one would pass a classroom that was totally quiet and attentive. This would be the case during films discussing the “Sacred Subject” — human sexuality and reproduction.

Are you surprised? Amused? Although modern society has been told ad nauseum that teens are “sexually active,” teenage vulnerability in this area and longing for understanding and direction has not been given sufficient attention. What has sex education done for society? STDs are at a ten-year high, and young people age 16-24 are disproportionally affected. Teenage birth rates have shown a recent decline, but 50 years ago, only 15% of teenage moms were unmarried, whereas now the percentage is 89%. Teenage pregnancies (ages 15-19) have been on the decline, but abortions, while down since the 1980s, were still around 30% of all pregnancies in 2010. Pornography sites on the Internet have millions of hits, and the destructive impact of this obsession is catalogued beautifully in Ben Shapiro’s book, Porn Generation: How Social Liberalism Is Corrupting Our Future.

In one textbook used in high school sex education classes, the student-reader is exhorted to be tolerant of those other students (presumably an outdated minority) who still believe that one should wait until marriage to have sex. We have to be tolerant of other, minority points of view. Further, all students were told to expunge the idea that the size of the male sex organ was important for sexual satisfaction. This certainly is a fact that every adolescent needs to be informed about!

“Kids will be kids” and “glands will be glands” is the prevailing philosophy.

Debunking of traditional Judeo-Christian morality and family values is politically correct. Those values have been replaced by post-Freudian views of freedom from guilt and repression. The youth, along with everyone else, must be freed, and not restrained. Self-control is no longer a desideratum as a trait of good character, although it is still valued regarding our food choices. Instead of self-control, the bogey man of repression is to be avoided. Otherwise, it is [falsely] believed, neurosis and depression will overtake the individual, male or female. If someone is “horny” can mental disease be far behind? This is the pro-Freudian assumption that motivates today’s secular humanist educators.

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