Security experts raise the alarm suspicious cellphone activity in DC


How easy would it be for a hacker to monitor your phone calls and track all your movements? According to experts, it is far too easy. That then brings Washington, DC, our government leadership, into play. The current level of technology needs to be greatly improved if we want to preserve national security. That, or find another way for government to communicate.


As Written By Dave Burke for Daily Mail:

  • Unusual activity was spotted by security company ESD America
  • It has prompted fears that diplomats and US officials could be targeted
  • A source told CBS it could signal attempts by a foreign power to spy on the US
  • The activity indicates that devices could be cloned and users tracked 

A report in the Washington Free Beacon says diplomats and US government officials would be the likely target.

Documents passed to the Free Beacon suggest devices could be cloned, and location data has been tracked by a third party.

A source told the publication: ‘The attack was first seen in D.C. but was later seen on other sensors across the USA. A sensor located close to the White House and another over near the Pentagon have been part of those that have seen this tracking.’…..


Suspicious cellphone activity in DC raises hacking fears | Daily Mail Online

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