20 Pro-Abortion Celebrities Pro-Life People Should Boycott



Planned Parenthood boasts a long, friendly history with celebrities. And, as the abortion giant faces defunding and new scandal, Hollywood is only becoming more stubborn in its support.

On Wednesday, Planned Parenthood hosted a national “Pink Out Day” campaign. America’s largest abortion provider asked participants to show support by wearing pink and posting on social media in an effort to “turn the whole internet Planned Parenthood pink.” To ensure its success, stars from Elizabeth Banks to Charlize Theron joined the push on Twitter.

And, as shown below, the wording of their tweets sounded eerily similar (or, rather, coordinated.)

Here are 20 of the most famous Hollywood celebrities who tweeted their support of Planned Parenthood:

1. Elizabeth Banks: “We’ll never stop fighting for our health, rights & communities. #IStandWithPP & 2.5MM who rely on it. #PinkOut.”

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