Should Mike Pence Be Prosecuted for Not Dining with Women? Vox Thinks So.



Anti-discrimination zealots have destroyed basic freedoms for men, especially white men.

Mollie Hemingway cited this column at Vox as the dumbest response to the non-story that Vice President Pence takes modest, prudent steps to guard his marriage.

I made a joke late last night that today’s Pence fidelity stories would be even stupider. I wish I’d been wrong.

Joanna L. Grossman, an attorney who specializes in employment law, asserts:

[T]he practice described by Pence in that 2002 interview is clearly illegal when practiced by a boss in an employment setting, and deeply damaging to women’s employment opportunities.

Title VII, which governs workplace discrimination, does not allow employers to treat people differently on the basis of certain protected characteristics, one of which is sex. This means that an employer cannot set the terms and conditions of employment differently for one gender than for the other. This includes any aspect of the relationship between employer and employees — extending to benefits like equal access to the employer.

It might be the dumbest hot take on the Pences. But it’s also deeply revealing.

The Left Wants to Police Every Aspect of Life

I’m not a lawyer. I can’t comment on how well Grossman has parsed the relevant statutes. But it’s clear what she has in mind. There is no aspect of life, however private, that the left doesn’t want to police.

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