Lamestream Media Parrot Demands of Unhinged Tax Day Protests BUT…… [VIDEO]


In an interesting turn of events, mainstream meadia outlets were all in support of Tax Day protests this year. Back when the Tea Party was holding tax protests, they were anything but supportive. Why do you think that they have had this change of opinion? That was a trick question. The liberal progressive media has never changed sides and continues to carry the water for the Democrat Party. Read all these double-standard actions listed here. 

As Written By Curtis Houck for Newsbusters:

On Saturday, the major broadcast networks dedicated airtime to the liberal Tax Day protests against President Trump as one network aired a crowd chanting “lock him up,” another refused to acknowledge the anti-Trump violence in California, and all of them declined to label the demonstrations.

This coverage of April 15 protests by liberals stood in stark contrast to how ABC, CBS, and NBC dismissed and smeared the Tea Party-led Tax Day events on this date eight years ago.

CBS Weekend News did not give the leftists their own segment, but shamefully ignored the violence in Berkeley, California.

“As nationwide Tax Day protests reached the sunny streets of West Palm Beach, Florida, today, President Trump spent time at his International Golf Club and Mar-a-Lago resort nearby,” correspondent Errol Barnett explained…….


Networks Parrot Demands of Liberal Tax Day Protests; Smeared Tea Party Events Eight Years Ago

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