WAPO article on Trump voters racism gets SHREDDED!


The Washington Post published an article by an Ohio State Professor claiming that Trump voters were motivated by racism. Prepare yourself to enjoy the acute shredding of the assistant professor’s so-called scientific report. In a point by point analysis of the professor’s four questions, you get to see how he played to his own bias to reach the unscientific conclusion.

As Written By THOMAS D. WILLIAMS, PH.D. at Breitbart

According to a controversial new analysis by theWashington Post, Trump voters were motivated by “racism” more than a number of other factors in their presidential ballot choice last November.

The incendiary piece, titled “Racism motivated Trump voters more than authoritarianism” was written by Thomas Wood, an assistant professor of Political Science at Ohio State University, and proposes to examine the results of the latest American National Election Study (ANES) regarding voter attitudes.

Mr. Wood bases his skewed conclusions on a series of assumptions that reveal deep misunderstandings regarding the nature of racism, as well as Wood’s own profound racial biases.

To begin with, Wood only analyzed the opinions of white voters—his own racially biased choice. How black voters feel about whites, or what motivated many blacks to vote for Trump is disregarded as irrelevant to his study. Yet, in looking at racism, why would an objective examiner only look at the attitudes of whites?

Second, in the four questions looked at by Wood, racism is never actually addressed. Instead, Wood employs a “symbolic racism scale” that interprets people’s views on programs like Affirmative Action as concealing a hidden racism that is never overtly expressed. Wood said that these attitudes are “coded as ……

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