Georgia GOP Vows to Unite Behind Karen Handel


Watching the GOP performance in Georgia’s 6th Congressional district, you are reminded of the classic silent films of the Keystone Cops. Regardless of the stumbling and bumbling, the Cops always managed to come out OK in the end. Well, the Georgia GOP has stumbled and bumbled into a runoff. Now we will see if they can unite around Karen Handel and defeat Democrat Jon Ossoff. That would be a happy ending.

As Written By Justin Berger for Fox News:

Democrats put their hope in political upstart Jon Ossoff to deliver a rebuke to President Trump in Tuesday night’s Georgia congressional election. It didn’t quite work.

Now, after forcing the front-runner into a June 20 runoff, Republicans are vowing to unite and defeat the Democrats’ chosen candidate in two months.

Trump, who used a robocall and his Twitter account in the contest’s closing days to push Republicans to the polls, taunted Democrats on Wednesday morning, casting the upcoming final contest as “Hollywood vs. Georgia

Ossoff was the clear leader once the dust settled in Tuesday’s crowded special election for the Georgia House seat once held by Republican Tom Price, now Trump’s health secretary.

He garnered 48 percent. Top Republican vote-getter Karen Handel, former Georgia secretary of state, got just 20 percent.

But Ossoff’s haul fell short of the majority threshold required …..

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Georgia race: GOP vows to unite, beat Ossoff after forcing runoff with Trump’s help | Fox News

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