The Trump Appointed New Sheriff at the FCC Will Undo Net Neutrality 


Back in 2015, the Obama administration controlled Federal Commission passed the Net Neutrality Act. What this act did was make the internet a critical piece of national infrastructure and put it under government control. The government would set the fees and services and tell a business how to use the internet. This was all in the name of freedom. The claim is to ensure that the internet service owners could not throttle internet use. 

As Written By The Common Constitutionalist for iPatriot:

Free speech has been on the lips of many these days. In conservative circles, it has usurped most other news. To some extent it should, for without it, where would we be?

Of the many free speech issues, none has received more press than has the UC Berkeley vs. Anne Coulter flap. This issue goes to heart of free speech and the Constitution.

The right claims that Ms. Coulter has the right to speak and that her “speech” should be protected, just as any leftist speaker would be. Of course at Berkeley, a leftist speaker would more likely be canonized than protested and shut down.

While the issue of Anne Coulter’s right to speak at Berkeley and her guaranteed safety is an important one, a recent Trump appointment that may affect all our free speech should be getting a lot more press than the college speaking circuit.

While everyone has been busy with ObamaCare, tax cuts and World War III and Anne Coulter, President Trump, without much fanfare, has appointed a man who will have the authority to reaffirm our First Amendment right of free speech/expression. This, my friends, is a big f***ing deal, as Joe Biden would say.

Ajit Pai has been the only reasonable voice in the swamp of big government authoritarianism at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for years. The statists at the FCC are no different from the statists in all the other departments of the federal government. They believe it is their duty to control the flow of everything from goods and services to information. Pai disagrees.

Ajit Pai is a champion of free and unencumbered speech, which is why President Trump should be congratulated for appointing him to head the FCC. You think things were tense at Justice when Sessions came aboard? Just imagine what the jackboots at the FCC think of this appointment – someone who actually believes that the government ……


New Sheriff at the FCC Will Undo Net Neutrality | iPatriot

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