Lamestream Media Hiding Socialism’s Crititcal Devastation in Venezuela


Maybe if the mainstream media ignores the problem long enough, the crisis in Venezuela will just go away. The socialist dictator government there has taken one of the richest nations in America and driven it to the edge of starvation. It is a glaring object lesson in the fallacies of socialism. It always fails. 

As Written By Thomas Lifson for American Thinker:

If you want a simple test to determine if a news source is in the fake news business, examine what they write about Venezuela. If they write about the mass starvation, riots, and shortages with no mention of socialism’s role in the disaster, then you know they are fake news providers.

The fate of Venezuela, which has the largest oil reserves in the world, ought to be the final lesson conclusively proving that socialism is a delusion that impoverishes those it purports to help.  An entire nation is starving, unable to feed itself, generate enough electricity, or produce toilet paper. In the midst of boundless opportunity, its economy is grinding to a halt because of socialism.

Yet, Bernie Sanders, an explicit socialist that never even joined the Democratic Party, is the most popular figure on the left, and enjoys huge support among the journalist class. Dishonesty about socialism’s failures has led to a huge percentage of Americans (roughly 4 in ten) saying that they prefer socialism to capitalism. While it is tempting to label this a failure of American education and journalism, the fact is that it represents the triumph of propaganda over reality. If people understand the fallout socialism brings as clearly as Venezuelans now do, they would reject progressives.

Investor’s Business Daily has been examining the reporting of major news outlets in the United States on Venezuela, and has found socialism is……


Blog: American media hiding socialism’s devastation of Venezuela

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