The Secret Service Had to Hold Kellyanne Back From Airport Heckler 


President Trump’s trusted advisor, Kellyanne Conway was proceeding through the airport when some obnoxious jerk scum began to accost her. It triggered something in her and she may have wanted to go into the attack mode. Fortunate for him, the Secret Service Agents that were her escort prevented her from getting up close and personal. You rock, Kellyanne!

As Written By Betsy Rothstein for the Daily Caller:

White House aides are apparently people too.

Kellyanne Conway flew into Washington Reagan Airport Monday at 6 p.m. only to be greeted by a heckler with a sharp tongue. A source on the scene said two members of the Secret Service had to hold President Trump‘s counselor back from yelling at the white male who was mouthing off at her as she was walking out of an airport terminal.

Conway, who has previously played nice when strangers get obnoxious with her in public, has finally had it.

According to Washington paparazzi photog Mark Wilkins, Conway was approximately 20 feet away from the man who shouted at her, “Keep trashing America.”

Conway ripped the guy, saying, “I like the way you talk shit while I’m walking away.”

Security could sense the whole thing was escalating…….


JERK ALERT: Secret Service Holds Kellyanne Conway Back From Airport Heckler | The Daily Caller

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