Kellogg’s continues to circle the drain


Like Target and Allstate, Kellogg’s Corporation decided that it did not need to advertise to a conservative audience like the readers of Breitbart. They decided they wanted nothing to do with the Breitbart crowd. It appears that the feeling may have become mutual for the 45 million readers of this web page. The latest layoffs are in New York State and take away about 300 more jobs. This would not be one of those moments that Tony the Tiger would call “GREAT!” When will corporations quit shooting themselves in their conservative feet?

As Written By Warner Todd Hutson for Breitbart: 

Troubled cereal giant Kellogg’s is continuing its reductions by shedding almost 300 more jobs, this time at facilities in New York.

A new round of layoffs was announced this week for New York, revealing that 278 employees will be losing their jobs at facilities in Batavia, North Syracuse, Johnson City, Binghamton, and Schenectady, the Democrat & Chronicle reported.

The layoffs at the Batavia trucking station is part of the mass layoffs announced this year in a move meant to staunch the financial bleeding the company has experienced the last few years.

The re-tooling plan resulted in the $53 million fourth-quarter loss reported by the cereal maker and is expected to include the closure of 39 distribution centers affecting roughly 1,100 workers across the country.

Kellogg’s is also reportedly targeting 57 layoffs in Rockland and Suffolk Counties in Long Island, as well as 255 more in Syracuse.

It has been more trouble for a company that has been struggling to stay afloat during the last few years. With its brand name falling in the eyes of consumers and mass layoffs, Kellogg’s has initiated a massive effort to scale back its expenses.

The moves come after Kellogg’s decided to cut its advertising with Breitbart News at the…….

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Cereal Failure: Kellogg’s Laying Off Another 278 Employees

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