There is a critical national security battle that the media isn’t telling you about 


If you want to know how one mine affects national security, then read all about Mountain Pass. Are you aware of how vital rare earths are to national defense? They are critical in advanced weapons technology. What if China had control of 95% and this mine was our sole source? Get the picture? Read about how this entrepreneur plans to fix that. 

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As Written By John Moody for Fox News:

A fascinating battle is shaping up between two American entrepreneurs for control of a desert mine in California that could be the key to reviving domestic production of rare earths, the metals and materials that are critical to our national security.

But there’s a catch: one entrepreneur is linked to a Russian billionaire. The other is relying on a technology company – from China.

Mountain Pass is an unsightly hole in the earth once owned by a company called Molycorp that produced more critical metals than any facility in the world. Molycorp went bankrupt in 2015 because it could not compete with Chinese rare earth producers, who don’t have the same environmental regulations that govern U.S. mining.

China now produces 95 percent of the world’s rare earths – metals that are needed for U.S. fighter jet engines, satellite guided rockets, missiles like the Tomahawk Cruise that was used to attack Syria last month, and consumer products ranging from computers to iPhones to GPS systems and microwave ovens……….


The critical national security battle the media isn’t telling you about | Fox News

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